RMA OC Affinity Groups

Women in Finance

This active committee provides many benefits to the RMA OC chapter such as increased awareness in our RMA member institutions as well as fresh perspectives and new ideas.


Melissa Bui
Women in Banking Chair

Join Today!

Women in banking will benefit from their RMA national and local relationships in ways that are important to them. Benefits include:

  • Increased access to information.
  • The opportunity to build relationships with people.
  • Learning marketable skills and building valuable knowledge.
  • The opportunity to be part of a team that addresses challenges with creativity and innovation.
  • Personal and professional growth.
  • How to get Started

Young Professionals

Professionals early in their careers of either banking, accounting, legal services, or a financial services business looking to network with other young professionals in the local area. Those that choose to get involved have the opportunity to build relationships with people who can help with their career, learn marketable skills, build valuable knowledge, achieve personal and professional growth, and be part of a dynamic and unique group.


Danielle Styles
Young Professionals Chair

Start Building Your Network!

Young Professionals (YP), is a group of young (mostly!) professionals who are relatively new to the financial services industry and/or to the Orange County area. Our purpose is:

  • Have Fun!
  • Network with peers, other professionals and managers within this market
  • Build valuable knowledge regarding commercial credit culture and the banking industry.
  • Grow personally by learning and developing valuable skills, such as leadership, communication, decision making, problem solving and management.